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This webpage is dedicated to a 1962 Volga as seen in Kouvola, Finland in May of 1999.

GAZ-21 Volga was and still is a legendary automobile. Produced in the USSR between 1956-69, it offered elegant, modern styling combined with unprecedented ruggedness, reliabilty, and passenger comfort. Its overall design was an exceptionally good blend of the American and European trends of those days, but the Volga has its own bold look which makes it so special and memorable. It was also the first and to date the only Russian mass-production car to offer a 3-speed automatic transmission as an option. About 600 of these were made in the early years, but the lack of quality hydraulic oils and expert service technicians in the country at the time made it impractical to continue offering this option. However, the same basic automatic transmission design was used later, in 1959, in the GAZ-13 Chaika ("seagull"), a luxury limousine for official use not sold to the public.

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The car featured on this site is a unique specimen found at an amateur auto show in Kouvola, Finland. A real beauty, it had at the time only 3000km on it and probably does not have much more than that now. Needless to say, the car is in showroom condition, and after 37 years there was not one crack in the walls of the original, non-radial tires! The car is not for sale, unfortunately, but a kind gentleman named Hannes Haikala went out of his way to track down the owner and have a few photos taken which can be seen on the Picture Gallery page.